Ivermectin injection

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Ivermectin injection


The pharmacodynamic ivermectin has a good repellent effect on in vivo and in vitro parasites, mainly nematodes and arthropods. Its antiworming mechanism is to promote the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) from presynaptic neurons, thereby opening GABA-mediated chloride channels. Ivermectin also has selectivity and high affinity for glutamatergic chloride channels located near GABA-mediated sites in invertebrate nerve and muscle cells, thus interfering with neuromuscular signaling, causing body relaxation and paralysis, leading to body death or expulsion from the body. Inhibitory interneurons and excitatory motor neurons are the sites of action in nematodes, while neuromuscular junctions are the sites of action in arthropods. In cattle and sheep, the expulsion rates of HEMonyCHella, Osternematode, CyPERus cyperus, Strongylus trichoderma (including Strongylus eichlii), Strongylus circulans, Nematodes contrestratus, Nematodes capillaris, Nematodes oesophagostomata, Nematodes reticulata and adult and fourth stage larvae of Chabot sheep were 97% ~ 100%. It is also effective against arthropods such as maggots, mites and lice. It is less effective on chewing lice and sheep ticks. Ivermectin is also highly effective against ticks and flies that reproduce in their faeces. The drug does not kill ticks immediately, but it can affect feeding, molting and egg laying, thereby reducing fertility. Similar effects on blood flies. The expulsion rate of adult and immature worms of Ascaris, Strongylus rubosus, Strongylus langerii, Nematode capillaris, oesophagostoma, Strongylus posterior, and Nematode Caenorhabditis edentarius was 94%-100%. It was also very effective against intestinal trichinella (not muscular trichinella). It also had good control effect on pig blood lice and sarcoptic scabies. Not effective against trematodes and tapeworms.


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