Albendazole 600mg Bolus For Animal Use

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Pharmacological action Pharmacodynamics Albendar is a benzimide with spectral repellent effect. Nematodes are sensitive to the ear. It also has a strong effect on meridians and flukes (but requires a larger dose), but has no effect on schistosoma. The main mechanism of action is binding to tubulin of nematode. Albendazole binds to 3-tubulin and prevents it from polymerizing with A-tubulin to form microtubules. Microtubules are the basic structural units of many organelles and are necessary for cell reproduction processes such as mitosis, protein assembly and energy metabolism. Albendazole has a significantly higher affinity for nematode tubulin than mammalian tubulin, and thus has little toxicity to mammals. This product not only has a strong effect on adult worms, immature worms and larvae also have a strong effect, and kill eggs.


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