BROMIX OIL Oral suspension

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BROMIX OIL Oral suspension


This product can directly act on bronchial glands, promote the release of the lysosome of mucus secreting cells, so that the sticky sugar fiber in sputum differentiation and lysis; It can also inhibit the synthesis of acidic glycoproteins in mucus glands and goblet cells, and make them secrete small molecules of glycoproteins with low viscosity, thus reducing the viscosity of sputum and making it easy to cough up. In addition, still can stimulate gastric mucous membrane reflex sex ground causes glands of respiratory tract to secrete to increase, make phlegm fluid is diluted. Bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and other sticky phlegm is not easy to cough up.


Allicin is used for deep fungal and bacterial infection, for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic dysentery and enteritis, whooping cough, fungal infection of lung and digestive tract, candidiasis albicans, cryptococcal meningitis, tuberculosis, etc. Routine use is not recommended, but is recommended if other anti-infective drugs are ineffective or intolerable.




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A:We are a factory.We are one of the golden supplier chosen by Alibaba.

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