BIO SPIRA-TYLOCOL Soluble powder

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BIO SPIRA-TYLOCOL  Soluble powder


Tylosin has good effect on promoting growth, as feed additives using tylosin wisely, not only can prevent livestock disease, protect animal health, and can obviously promote the growth of livestock and poultry, especially for young growing up of livestock and poultry and livestock and poultry effect is remarkable, can rise to improve feed utilization, shorten the breeding period, increase the role of raising economic benefit.


Tallosin is a white plate-like crystal, slightly soluble in water and alkaline. Products are tartrate, phosphate, hydrochloride, sulfate and lactate, soluble in water. Its aqueous solution at 25℃, pH5.5 ~ 7.5 can be stored for 3 months, but if the aqueous solution contains iron, copper and other metal ions, it will make the product ineffective.




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