5% Tylosin injection

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5% tylosin injection


The molecular formula of Tylosin tartrate is (C46H77NO17) 2C4H6O5, and the molecular weight is 1982.3. White or light yellow powder, soluble in water (600mg/ml). Because of its good intestinal absorption, rapid diffusion in the body, high blood drug concentration, in the clinical use of therapeutic drugs. There are many clinical methods, such as oral tablet, drinking water powder, intramuscular injection, subcutaneous injection, mixed feeding, spray bath, etc. Tartratin is mainly used for the treatment and prevention of various respiratory tract, intestinal tract, reproductive tract and motor system infections caused by mycoplasma, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus pyogenes, Diplococcus pneumoniae, Erysipelas, Haemophilus paraplegia, Neisseria meningitidis, Pasteurella, spirochetes, coccidia and other pathogens. Such as: Poultry, chicken infectious rhinitis, chronic respiratory disease in poultry airbag inflammation, infectious sinusitis, salpingitis, pig asthma, atrophic rhinitis, pig red dysentery, gastroenteritis, swine erysipelas, mycoplasma arthritis, livestock and poultry intractable diarrhea, enteritis, endometritis, livestock suppurative infection of external genital organs, goats pleuropneumonia, mother Sheep abortion, beef liver abscess, cattle and sheep rot hoof disease. It is also used for purification of mycoplasma by injecting and dipping eggs in breeding poultry farms. In addition, it has a very good effect on the prevention and treatment of mycoplasma secondary infection in the outbreak of viral diseases in livestock and poultry. It is recognized as the preferred drug for the treatment and prevention of mycoplasma infection in livestock and poultry in the world, and its effect is better than erythromycin, dilamycin and tammycin.



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