5% Closantel Sodium Injection


Pharmacodynamics This product has the activity to drive off the fluke of cattle and sheep, the blood of trichoderma transforme and some arthropods. Not effective against anterior and posterior disc fluke. The removal rate of gastrointestinal nematodes, such as hemagglutinus, stomatodes and esophageal stomatodes, was more than 90%. Some strains of sheep twirling hemonucleococcus can develop resistance to this product. Sodium cyanolidamide can effectively repel ancylostoma caninum, but not the larvae in vivo. It can also prevent or reduce the infection of common strongylodes in horses. In addition, it had a 100% killing effect on the first, second and third stage larvae of the rhinoceros fly, and a good killing effect on the third stage larvae of the Boca fly. Its anti-insect mechanism is through the increase of parasite mitochondrial permeability, oxidative phosphorylation uncoupling, and thus play a repellent role. Pharmacokinetics Cyanoloimide has a high plasma protein binding rate (>99%) in sheep, resulting in an elimination half-life of 14.5 days. Drugs are excreted mainly through feces (80%), less than 0.5% of drugs are excreted through urine.


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