7% Diminazene Aceturate Injection


Triazamidine belongs to aromatic diamidine class and is traditionally used as a broad - spectrum anti-blood protozoan drug. The anti-insect effect is related to the interference of aerobic glycolysis and DNA synthesis in the insect body, which can cause hypoglycemia in the host. The aerobic glycolysis of pyriform and trypanosome worms depends on host glucose. It is said that the trypanoidal effect of this class of drugs depends on its inhibition of trypanosoma aerobic glycolysis and nuclear protein denaturation. Triamidine, for example, selectively blocks kinetoplast DNA synthesis or replication in trypanosoma, meaning that it rapidly and irreversibly binds to trypanosoma dnA-containing cells. A molecule of triamidine typically binds to four to five DNA nucleotides. Triazamidine - DNA complex inhibits DNA synthesis and prevents trypanosoma from reproducing. Suitable for horses, cows, pigs, dogs, cats and other animals.


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