Key technical points of Su Zhong pig breeding

Overview: It is important to choose a healthy pig breed before raising soh chung pigs, so be careful when selecting. In the course of breeding, scientific feeding and management should be carried out for newly purchased pigs. In this paper, the main points of su Zhong pig breeding technology are introduced as follows

One, su Zhong pig breeding pig selection

Healthy pigs with regular posture and good development should be selected. Boars should choose individuals with strong sexual desire, well-developed testicles and obvious male characteristics. Sows should choose individuals with large abdomen and no sagging, well-developed breasts, more than seven pairs of effective nipples, neat nipples and developed hind bodies.

2. Breeding and management of Suzhong boar

In order to make the boars have high libido and good semen quality, it is necessary to keep them in a medium condition and to keep the boars fed with adequate nutrition. The recommended reference ratio of concentrate feed is 65% corn, 16% bean cake, 7% bran, 8% fish meal and 4% premix. Each boar is fed with 2~ 3kg of concentrate feed every day, fed 3 times a day, the amount of feed can be flexibly adjusted according to the season, body condition, body condition, in addition to feeding concentrate feed, but also feeding appropriate feeding some green feed, each boar is fed with green feed 0.8~ 1.2kg a day, can be mixed with concentrate feed.

Three, su Zhong pig breed sow feeding management

Pregnant period: the reference ratio of concentrate feed was 60% corn, 18% bean cake, 7% bran, 10% fish meal and 5% premix, and each head was fed about 2 kg of concentrate feed and 500 grams of green feed every day, feeding 3 times a day.

Pre-gestation: at this stage, pregnant sows should pay attention to fetal protection, as far as possible to ensure the quiet in the piggery, feeding concentrate ratio is the same with the non-pregnant period, in feeding, the feeding amount of each sow is controlled at about 2 to 2.5 kg per day, divided into three times feeding.

Gestation period: concentrate feed ratio should be the same as that of non-pregnant period, feeding amount per sow should also be controlled at 2-2.5kg per day, and feeding 500 grams of green feed.

Late gestation: the recommended feed reference ratio is 60% corn, 20% bean cake, 5% bran, 12% fish meal, 3% premix, and each head is fed 3-3.5 kg feed and 1-1.2 kg green feed every day.


Lactation: at this stage, sows should not only recover their physical strength, but also secrete milk to supply piglets. The feed reference ratio is the same as that in the late gestation period. Each sow is fed 4 to 5 kg per day, three times per day.

Iv. Feeding and management of Suzhong pigs and piglets

Conservation: Each column s breeding pigs cannot too much, every 4 ~ 5 square meters column stabling 7 ~ 8 only piglet feed, conservation of inner temperature in winter to keep at 25 or so, no more than 30 in the summer, every head piglets feeding 1 kg conservation, conservation of phase of the pig feed can be purchased directly from the market, in 65 ~ 70 days after weaning piglets, you can select and remain breeding plan.

Backup: The reference feed ratio is 67% corn, 12% bean cake, 12% bran, 6% fish meal and 3% premix. The reserve pigs grow faster before 90kg, so they are not limited in feeding time and can freely eat. They also need to feed 0.5-1kg green feed every day. Each pig is fed 2 to 2.5 kg of feed per day, and the amount of feed should be adjusted according to the condition of the pigs.