There are three things to pay attention to when raising piglets in autumn

Overview: The autumn weather is unstable, hot and cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, in this situation, piglets need to pay attention to breeding. Piglets raised in autumn should pay attention to the three links of temperature, feeding and management, and strengthen management to ensure healthy piglets in autumn.

First, the temperature in the piggery should be appropriate

As the function of self-regulation of newborn piglets is not perfect, so the resistance to cold is poor. Therefore, when raising piglets, it is required to keep the ambient temperature in the pigpen relatively high. The indoor temperature of 1-3 days old piglets should be kept at 30-32 degrees Celsius, and that of 4-7 days old piglets should be kept at 28-30 degrees Celsius. For piglets aged 15-30 days, the indoor temperature should be maintained at 22-25 degrees Celsius.

If the indoor temperature is relatively low, piglets are prone to cold, pneumonia and other diseases, so in the autumn when raising piglets, we should pay attention to close the doors and Windows, and plug the gap in the room to prevent the attack of thief wind.

As the temperature difference between day and night increases in autumn, the doors and Windows of the nursery and Suckling room should be closed at night to maintain the temperature in the pigpen. For newly weaned piglets, the indoor temperature should be kept above 26 degrees Celsius.

Two, scientific feeding piglets

1, strengthen the nutrition of lactating sows

The milk quantity of sows is proportional to the weight gain and physical strength of piglets, so it is necessary to supply sows with diversified feed, comprehensive nutrition easy digestion, palatability, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals feed, to ensure that sows secrete a lot of good milk quality.

2, early filling

At the age of 7 days to 10 days, piglets are fed with a little clean and fresh Suckling pig feed in the feed tank, or piglets can be put on the clean ground, let the piglets feed like sows, feeding quantity should be from less to more, and ensure that the feed given to piglets every day is fresh.

3. Ensure adequate supply of clean drinking water

With the growth of piglets, milk water alone can not meet the needs of growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to provide clean drinking water in time, every day to timely supply enough drinking water, the sink every day, every time add fresh drinking water, and keep the sink clean and sanitary.

4, timely weaning

Piglets generally weaned at about 45 days, such as early will affect the growth and development of piglets, too late to affect the growth and sow reproduction. Weaning ** it is better to use the "mother does not move" weaning method, that is, the sow away, piglets in the original circle feeding, so as to avoid the occurrence of environmental stress.

Three, strengthen the management of piglets

1. Preparation before raising

The environment, feed and feeding methods of newly purchased piglets are obviously changed after they arrive at the new owner's house, which makes the piglets unable to adapt and in a stress state, and the various systems of the body appear dysfunction. Light person 10 days half moon does not grow, heavy person is easy to induce the disease such as high fever, constipation, dysentery, cause death even. Therefore, comprehensive measures should be taken to reduce the morbidity of newly purchased piglets. Before buying piglets, the stalls should be cleaned, especially those with disease, thoroughly disinfected.

2. Observe frequently

At the beginning of the stage, there should be a person on duty to take turns to watch the development of piglets, milk, feed, feces and other situations; Found piglet diarrhea or do not eat, to timely diagnosis and treatment, but also frequently count the number of piglets, so as not to sow dead piglets.