Feeding and management technology of Laiwu black pig

Overview: Laiwu black pig breeding is not difficult, but now there are fewer farmers in China, so there is little technical knowledge about breeding on the Internet. Today, this paper briefly introduces laiwu black pig feeding and management technology in each stage for your reference.

1. Feeding and management of Laiwu black boar

1. Breeding mode

Laiwu black boars have strong stress resistance, rough feeding resistance, and good adaptability to the environment and feed. In northern China, as long as the winter temperature is not lower than minus 5 degrees Celsius, Laiwu black boars can grow normally.

Different from other pig breeds, laiwu black boar needs single breeding. This is because boars are naturally aggressive, occasionally encounter will bite a fight, so the boar management is a single pen.

They are generally kept in sunny, ventilated and dry pens, with an area of 6 to 7 square meters per boar. As the saying goes, "sow good, a good litter; Good boars, good slope ", Laiwu black boar breeds in the pig breeding process is playing an important role. So for the kind of boar feed is to elaborate collocation.

2. Feeding method

In order to improve the sex drive of the boars, most of the boars imported from abroad are fed only concentrate feed with high protein content, but not in the laiwu black boars. Laiwu black pigs are resistant to rough feeding. They are used to eating roughage and have a very strong digestion ability of roughage, such as hay straw. Therefore, even in the breeding process of boars, they can still use the method of roughage and concentrate feed to feed.

The feed formula was corn

30%, soybean meal 15%, fish meal 5%, bran 15%, rice bran 4.5%, salt 0.5%, grass meal 30%. A boar can be fed 2.5 to 3 kg a day and is fed morning and evening.

If spring comes, the boars can also be put out to the grass and allowed to feed on juicy grass for an hour or so.

3. Mating period management

In order to prevent boars too fat, there is a small playground outside each enclosure, when the weather is warm, they will take the initiative to run out of exercise, and exercise, can make the boars' limbs and body muscles are exercised, so that the boars are healthy and lively, increase appetite, improve sexual desire and sperm vitality.

Laiwu black boar breeds compared with the foreign introduction of about keduroc pigs, its sexual desire is relatively strong, about keduroc and other boars are generally mated once a day, while Laiwu black boar breeds twice to three times a day.

The breeding method of Laiwu black pigs is natural mating. Both boars and sows are driven to a quiet and clean place far away from the piggery. Let them mate naturally.

2. Feeding and management of Laiwu black breed sows

1. Feeding method

The gestation period of laiwu black breed sows is about 110 days. In the early gestation period, that is, the first 80 days of pregnancy, roughage can still be added to the feed mix.

The feed formula was corn 30%, rice bran 28%, soybean meal 11.5%, salt 0.5%, grass meal 30%

Each pregnant sow is fed 2kg per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. To the late pregnancy, that is, after 80 days of pregnancy, feeding methods have changed, the general fetal weight gain is in 90 days to 110 days, the 20

Day weight gain time is the most critical moment, with five days to gradually reduce the amount of grass meal, the final feed formula is:

Corn 40%, rice bran 28%, soybean meal 11%, soybean meal 3%, coarse bran 10%, fish meal 6%, shell meal 1.5%, salt 0.5%.

The total amount of feed should also be increased, typically 3 to 4 kilograms of feed per day.

2. Breeding management

In the feeding process of laiwu black breed sows, especially in the pregnancy period, there are certain requirements for temperature sanitation and disinfection in the enclosure.

In addition to adequate water supply, pregnant sows should pay special attention to prevent the harm caused by high temperature. When the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, measures such as installing exhaust fans can be taken to cool down, and on hot days, cold water can be sprayed in the enclosure.

The health management of pregnant female piggery needs to be paid attention to, generally cleaning pig manure twice a day, and washing trough and other utensils clean.

Pregnant stalls should be disinfected once a week with sodium hypochlorite, but the pigs should not be disinfected with quicklime or caustic soda, which can harm pregnant sows.

Five to seven days before the sow farrowing, the breeding sows of Laiwu black pigs were transferred to the birthing bed for farrowing. Because the sows of Laiwu black pigs are bulky and have large bellies, the use of birth beds for delivery and lactation can avoid pressure on piglets and improve the survival rate of piglets.

3. Lactation management of Laiwu black pigs

1, sow feeding management

The lactation period of Laiwu black pigs lasts from 28 days to 33 days. During the whole lactation period, the energy of feed needs to be properly increased, generally 1% to 3% oil is added to the feed.

Corn, rice bran, 40% and 28% 3%, 11% soybean meal, soybean meal, rice hull, fish meal, 7% and 6%, fat 3%, shell powder 1.5%, salt 0.5 sow after giving birth to a small amount of feed, after seven days to sow as much as to gather the food, to have enough milk for lactation, general daily feed intake in 6 kg, according to the feeding, three times a day.

Because laiwu black sows milk is very sufficient, someone did such a test, if the piglets do not add feed, only breastfed, a month later, the piglets can still grow normally, which shows laiwu black sows milk is strong.

2. Management of piglets

The piglets must be given colostrum early. Because colostrum is rich in nutrients and immunoglobulin, it is of great help to improve the immunity of piglets.

The sows of Laiwu Black pig are strong, with a large number of nipples and abundant milk, which enables the piglets to obtain sufficient breast milk. Most of the piglets can grow healthily. According to statistics, the survival rate of Laiwu black pig piglets is over 96%.

Laiwu black pigs have a unique habit of eating roughage, so they should be familiar with concentrate feed from an early age. Not only that, there are many benefits to early supplementation. Early supplementary feeding can increase the body weight of weaned piglets. If the piglets are weaned at 4 weeks of age, the body weight of early supplementary feeding is about 5% higher than that of the piglets without supplementary feeding. Early supplementary feeding also improves the uniformity and uniformity of piglets, early supplementary feeding also avoids the phenomenon of sudden weaning feed intake decline, diarrhea and so on, so the keeper from the piglets 7 days, began to lure them to feed, piglets grow to ten days later, they will go to the small plate to feed.

Iv. Management of Laiwu black pig weaned piglets

Piglets of Laiwu black pig are generally weaned at 4 weeks of age and weigh 7 to 8 kg when weaned. After weaning, piglets are still very lively, running and playing in their pens every day. It is their nature.

The growth of Laiwu black pig is very regular, which is obviously different from that of imported pig breeds such as Juke and Duroc. From weaning to 70 days this stage, muscle and fat growth rate is faster, and bone growth is slower.

From 28 days to 80 days, the growth of Laiwu black pigs is mainly bone growth, while the muscle and fat growth is relatively small, which makes laiwu black pigs still look thin when they are 70 or 80 days old.

According to the characteristics of Laiwu black pig, we can match feed according to its growth rule in production. Weaned from 28 days to 80 days, it was a time when the feed to meet the needs of the bone growth, with full normal piglets special compound feed for feeding, to fit the characteristics of the piglets digestive fast, feeding three to four times a day, every day the amount of piglet feed weight of 3% to 4%, after 50 days, gradually increase the amount of roughage, Add from a small amount all the time to fine, coarse feed 1:1 ratio is ok.

The sexual maturity stage of Laiwu black pigs is very early. The gilts enter the sexual maturity stage at about 60 days of age and can be used when they reach sexual maturity at 80-90 days of age. The young boars enter the sexual maturity stage at about 80-90 days, and can be used when they reach sexual maturity at 115 days of age. So when the laiwu black pig is about 70 days old, it is necessary to select good young sows and boars as breeding reserve pigs.

The principle of selecting reserve pigs is basically the same as that of other pig breeds. First, the pigs with strong physique and good development should be selected; secondly, the pigs that are in line with the characteristics of laiwu black pigs can be selected with excellent breeding pigs by grasping these two points.